Who we are

Qoorts originated as a Dutch digital agency in Amsterdam. We started in 2010 with just two partners. Along the way we worked with more and more people from different countries on a freelance basis. Eventually Qoorts got a third partner in Poznan, Poland. We are interested to grow our pool of remote working freelancers in Poznan.

We’re looking for local freelancers in the Poznan area

We are looking for Freelance professionals who can take on projects for our clients. We are looking for multiple qualified specialists to create a pool, so we can divide our rapidly growing workload. The assignments are diverse; from creating new custom templates based on a specific design to making small changes in plugins and sometimes rewriting a whole WordPress plugin. Also more and more Laravel projects come into play, and if we can find the time we are also working to build our own SaaS solutions.

Experience in working with international project teams is a plus.
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Required tech skills
  • – WordPress / ACF
  • – Sage / Bedrock theme
  • – Laravel / Nova
  • – React.js
We work with
  • – Plesk
  • – BitBucket
  • – Trello
  • – Slack